Dawn Wink

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With unprecedented lyric beauty, Dawn Wink brings the myriad chambers of Grace’s inquisitive mind and indelible spirit alive to the point where no reader will ever forget her story.

~ Laurie Wagner Buyer, When I Came West, Spring's


Meadowlark thunders with harsh truths learned from her own ranching family history... and in these pages the prairie sings its truths.

~ Linda Hasselstrom, South Dakota Author of the

            Year, Feels like Far, Windbreak

Meadowlark is in the tradition of the American Western Novel, but with a twist. The heroes of this heart-felt book are the women who populated the mythic west and the reader gets a credible glimpse of what life might have been like for them. Many of the scenes ring true due to the author's obvious familiarity with the inner workings of a ranch, her interest in the plight of her characters, and her love of the land.

~ Dan O'Brien, Two time winner of the Western

            Heritage Award, Buffalo for the Broken Heart,

            Stolen Horses

Wink writes in the tradition of O.E. Rolvaag, Willa Cather, Mari Sandoz, and Mary Clearman Blew, with a clear-eyed understanding of the connections between isolation and oppression, especially for women, on the Great Plains. This is a gritty novel but also a hopeful one, exploring the ugliness of power and the ways despair can drive good people to do awful things but also exploring compassion's ability to bind, rejuvenate, and redeem.

~ Kent Meyers, The Work of Wolves (South Dakota

            One Book 2005), Twisted Tree

Meadowlark is a love story of the best kind: achingly real. This haunting story soars like the song of the meadowlark it is named for, determined to be heard.

~ Susan J. Tweit, Colorado Book Award.

        Walking Nature Home, Season's in the Desert

The heroine’s quest for meaning is every bit as lonely and piercing as a meadowlark’s song heard over miles of empty prairie. 

        ~ Jamie Lisa Forbes, Unbroken WILLA Winner

        for Outstanding Literary Fiction